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A High-Definition Black Box Recorder For Your Vehicle
… Now You Have A Reliable Eye Witness!

When you are using the BlackVue DR500GW-HD you’ll have:

  • Evidence in the event of a road traffic accident, including date, time, GPS co-ordinates, video, impact on G-sensors, as well as the direction and speed of your vehicle.
  • Clear identification of cause and consequences in an accident.
  • Identification in the event of unethical situations such as hit-and-runs and theft.
  • Evidence of reckless drivers.
  • Peace of mind knowing your vehicle is providing surveillance even when it’s parked.
  • GPS mapping overlay to Google Maps shows exactly where the vehicle has been.
  • Reduction in fleet costs by ensuring drivers are abiding by company rules.




Take up to 17 hours of clear video with GPS* and shock sensor data and play back on your computer or Android smartphone.


  • Ultra-High quality and smooth video
  • High-class design with functionality
  • Dedicated app support for Blackvue
  • Megapixel lens & 2M-pixel CMOS sensor
  • VOD & real-time live view function
  • G-sensor & highly-sensitive GPS
  • High-quality wide-angle lens (156°)
  • Diverse recording options (Normal/Event/Parking)
  • High-compression recording mode to extend SD-card life
  • Support of viewer programs for Windows PC and Mac


 If you have any questions about our range of driving cams or rear view cameras, please send us an inquiry online or call us at 09 589 4445.