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Phone Systems

Trading as Fastrax, we supply, install and maintain a range of PABX telephone systems from leading manufacturers. With the roll out of fiber and ultrafast broadband this is an ideal time to assess your current PABX or telephone system and make sure you are well-positioned to take advantage of the latest technology and capabilities. Click to visit our Fastrax web site.

Samsung PhoneWhat is a PABX? A Private Automatic Branch Exchange is a customized telephone system serving a particular business or office, and which serves to connect and manage your internal extensions and external telephone lines.

These days IP-capable PABXs can also integrate with your Local Area Network (LAN) and can enable VoIP calls through the Internet.

Why is choosing a PABX system so important? Because having the right PABX for your business needs will:

PABX Systems

Improve receptionist/operator efficiency
Save on telecommunication line costs
Save on telecommunication call costs

 If you would like us to assess your current PABX phone system and discuss your future requirements please contact us here or call us on 09 272 7133. 

Cellular Solutions


Do you have coverage issues in certain areas with your mobile phones?  Talk to us about the range of solutions available to improve your communications in your vehicles or at your farms, factories and offices.

We also have a large selection of hands-free car kits and fixed in-car phones, including the highest-powered fixed car phone allowed legally in New Zealand.

 If you have any questions or concerns about your mobile coverage please inquire online or call us on 09 589 4445.