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Tait Radio Communications

BzCom is an authorized Tait Radio dealer and is ready to assist you with any of your inquiries for Tait Radio Telephones and Tait radio communications equipment.

Tait TM8260 Radio

The Tait Story

Sir Angus Tait was knighted in 1999 for his contribution to electronics. He founded Tait Electronics in 1969 in Christchurch, New Zealand, with a staff of 12 people. The company produced a new generation of lightweight compact mobile radios that quickly secured a majority share of the New Zealand market. By its 10th anniversary Tait had launched a range of portable radios and base stations and was exporting over 25% of its production.

  • The 80s saw the introduction of the T500 series of mobile radios and Tait also moved into trunking technology.
  • During the 90s the T800, T700, T3000 and T2000 series of radio were developed.
  • In 2003 Tait released the 8000 tier of base stations and mobiles which replaced the T800 base station and T2000 mobile.
  • In 2008 the new TP8100 replaced the Orca as a formidably tough portable radio.
  • Tait has now entered the digital era with its 9000 tier of P25 radios and network solutions.

Today Tait has offices in 10 countries and a network of distributors and dealers in another 150 nations. Tait employs 800 people worldwide and exports about 95% of their products.

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Angus Tait congratulates Lew Smith at the Tait Dealer Conference December 2000

Angus Tait congratulates Lew Smith at the Tait Dealer Conference December 2000

The BzCom Story

Our company had it’s origins in 1971 as Modern Communications or “Mod Com”. In 2006 our current owners purchased the business from Lew Smith and as Business Communications or “BzCom” we continue to serve the communications industry with both analogue and digital Tait radio equipment and solutions.


In the accompanying photo Lew Smith accepts his award for outstanding support of Tait from Sir Angus Tait at the Tait Dealer Conference December 2000.